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MINDPLAYS ESPORTS is the first platform of fair competition and online P2P games with real rivals in real-time. MINDPLAYS’ mission is to bring all the online games that exclude the randomness factor on the platform, where your victory is the straight result of your tactics and your taken game decisions.

A distinctive feature of MINDPLAYS ESPORT platform is a precisely designed game system that provides game excitement, comfort and security of platform use. The primary use of $MIND is playing with it on the platform and use within MINDPLAYS ecosystem. $MIND can be used for the following:


  • NFT purchase
  • Unique gaming merchandise by MINDPLAYS ESPORTS purchase
  • Use of $MIND as a FIAT for obtaining certain benefits within the game on an advanced level.
  • Use of $MIND as investment for stacking with further sale on the stock.

$MIND is available on the Tron blockchain with a TRC-20 token standard.


MINDPLAYS ESPORTS is distributing 5,000,000 $MIND tokens worth approximately $50,000 to the first 45,045 platform users to celebrate the start of the P2P esports gaming platform. To participate in this airdrop, follow the steps below to complete airdrop tasks;

  • Sign up to the MINDPLAYS ESPORTS Airdrop page to receive +3 $MIND tokens instantly.
  • Get +8 $MIND tokens for completing verification.
  • Get +10 $MIND for each friend referred.
  • Get +1 $MIND for each of the first 100 Games played.
  • The first 45,045 platform users will get a chance to get 111 $MIND tokens each. Some will get even more.


Download the MINDPLAYS ESPORTS whitepaper.

Airdrops are free and should not be paid for. Please verify any airdrop before taking part in it. It is most likely a scam if you’re asked to pay for it. To get access to airdrops I take part in, stay tuned to Ben’s Crypto.