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Findora is a fully confidential yet auditable, high-throughput, and scalable public financial infrastructure. The cryptographically transparent financial ledger at Findora’s core enables efficient, accessible, and transparent financial services.

Findora envisions a world where financial networks are compliant and publicly auditable at all times. Packaged with every asset are rules governing ownership, transferability, and compliance.



Findora is airdropping a total of $1,000,000 FRA to testnet participants. Complete the testnet activities, social tasks and submit your details to the airdrop page to receive $5 worth of FRA. Invite at least three friends to get an extra $5 worth of FRA. To take part in the Findora airdrop, follow the instructions below.

  • Visit the Findora airdrop registration page.
  • Submit your details and sign up.
  • Join the Rialto-bridge support channel on the Findora Discord server.
  • Follow on Twitter.
  • Join the Telegram group.
  • Now complete the testnet activities as mentioned in the below Medium article.
  • You will get $5 worth of FRA.
  • Invite at least three friends to get an extra $5 worth of FRA.
  • Eligible participants will receive the rewards within a week after the campaign ends. KYC will be required to receive the rewards.
  • For more information regarding the airdrop and testnet tasks, see this Medium article.


Download the whitepaper.

Airdrops are free and should not be paid for. Please verify any airdrop before taking part in it. It is most likely a scam if you’re asked to pay for it. To get access to airdrops I take part in, stay tuned to Ben’s Crypto.