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Candy cash is a blockchain game inspired by the popular ‘candy crush saga‘ game. Unlike other blockchain games, it focuses on user experience alongside rewarding users for playing the game. Playing the game is free and players only need to invest to get NFTs that can be used to improve player rewards.

Candy cash has a P2P game model where players get rewarded for accumulating more points when playing against opponents. Users also gain participation points for each day they enter the platform and this can be used to raise game ranking levels.


The game is being developed by the Apes Group International Corp. and are partners with venture capitals like Dutch crypto investors, ZBS capital, legion ventures, Bluewheel capital and many others.


Candy cash is airdropping a total of 1,100,000 $CANDY to users for completing simple tasks. Sign up and complete airdrop tasks to earn $20 worth of $CANDY. The first, second and third highest referrer will be rewarded with $300, $200 and $50 respectively. Follow the steps below to complete airdrop;

  • Visit the airdrop page.
  • Submit details and sign up.
  • Complete all the social tasks.
  • Receive $20 worth of $CANDY tokens.
  • Interact with the game on launch to claim airdrop.


Download the candy cash whitepaper and pitch deck.

Airdrops are free and should not be paid for. Please verify any airdrop before taking part in it. It is most likely a scam if you’re asked to pay for it. To get access to airdrops I take part in, stay tuned to Ben’s Crypto.