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Ben’s Crypto Journey: How I began to explore the Crypto space.

I’ll quickly be sharing Ben’s crypto journey in this article for newbies who are interested in following my story and for OGs who are interested in knowing what I’ve done so far. I first heard of cryptocurrencies particularly bitcoin in 2013. I barely knew what it was all about anyway. I was less concerned about it not knowing cryptocurrencies were here to change our lives. I didn’t have an excuse for overlooking it other than the fact that I saw it as one of these ponzis or internet get rich schemes. Fast forward to 2022, I am now trading crypto actively, looking for new projects to invest in, hunting good airdrops and looking for project teams to engage with.


Back in March 2021, I got hold of about $1,000 after working on a research project with a company in the UK. I was on the look out for a suitable place to invest this funds and a friend of mine who had been trading crypto since 2018 told me to invest in cryptocurrencies. I still felt a little bit reluctant but I decided to give it a try after some persuasions from my friend.

In a matter of minutes, I had downloaded Binance and completed my KYC verification. Navigating through Binance was easy and in the next 2 hours, I already had about 1,000 USDT in my spot trading account. I then moved over to make my first trade which was actually done ignorantly.

ben's crypto journey

Up till this time, I didn’t know much about anything in the crypto space. I only knew that I was signed up on Binance and I could buy whatever cryptocurrency I wanted at any time. The first coin I bought was BNB. Now at this point, the price of BNB was already high and it kept rising because the market was bullish. I later got to realize that with funds as low as 1,000 USDT I should have invested in low cap gems instead. Projects like Solana, Fantom or even Luna were even better options at this time. To cut the story short, I bought at a high price and panic sold when the market dropped a bit.


After my rough experience with BNB, I decided to start trying out airdrops. Prior to this, I knew about airdrops but I felt it was just a way for projects to trick people into following their socials until a friend of mine got around 100 SFUND from an airdrop. At the time of writing this article, the price of SFUND is roughly $8 with very huge potential.

I participated in lots of airdrop but got one remarkable one in the end. I opened my wallet on a particular day and found 50 babyswap tokens. I was confused but after a little research, I found out I had participated in the airdrop some few months ago. At the time of writing this article, the price of one baby is about $0.7 with a 24hour trading volume of over $6 million and is one of the leading DEXs on the BSC network.


As a newbie, I purchased a lot of coins even without knowing anything about the project overview. I most often didn’t even look at use cases, road map, tokenomics or the team behind a project before investing. Most times, I just invested in a project because of the hype it had gathered. When I began to gain some deep knowledge about the crypto space, I got to learn that investing for the long term is way better than looking for projects that will make you rich instantly (most often such projects are scams). I began looking at use case, road map, the project team, the strength of the community and most importantly, the solution being provided by the project in question. With the metaverse trend in play at this time, I bought $500 worth of $BLOK. I saw my $500 investment multiply by 14x before I finally sold. Even at 14x, I sold cheaply because $BLOK went as high as 52x from the time I bought.


Cryptocurrency is the future of everything finance but most persons are yet to accept this. Up till this time, only less than 5% of the world’s population have adopted crypto and it’s already changing lives. We can only imagine how our lives will be affected when 70% of the world’s population adopts the use of crypto. We are still early in crypto and following the right track, we can get richer than we could ever imagine. Crypto has come to change the world and nothing contrary can be done about this.